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Blocks and Maneuvers

Legal Contact and Maneuvers

Legal Body Parts Used When Blocking: Any area from the shoulders down to above the knees, with the exception of the area of the arm from the elbow to the fingertips.


Legal Body Parts to Administer Blocks Against: Any area from the shoulders down to above the knees, with the exception of the spine.


  • Blocking Walls are permitted. A blocking wall is when two or more players are skating side-by-side, with wrists crossed, but not interlocking. Skaters may not hold on to any body part, equipment or clothing while executing a Blocking Wall.

  • Blocks on the start whistle are permitted only if the initiating Blocker’s skates have rolled forward first.

  • Skaters may engage another player while skating backwards, provided they are moving in the same direction as the Pack.

Illegal Contact and Maneuvers

  • Railroading and blocking out of bounds is prohibited.

  • A skater can not prevent an opposing player from re-entering the track.

  • Gaining momentum while out of bounds and re-entering the track to block an opposing player is prohibited.

  • Though blocking using the upper shoulder is legal when administered to an opposing Blocker’s shoulder blade, Jammers may not do so when active.

  • You can not come to a complete stop to execute a block nor to detain an out of bounds skater from returning into the Pack.

  • Skating clockwise on track during jam is prohibited.

  •  Forward motion should be maintained at all times to be in play. Stopped players will be signaled to resume motion by nearest referee. Failure to do so will result in a penalty.

  • All blocks must be made within bounds and within the time limits of the jam. Early or late blocks will result in a penalty.

  • Any skater (with the exception of Active Jammers, or Jammers on their initial pass who are required to reset behind pack) who goes out of bounds as a result of a block must enter behind the person who administered the block, unless both parties go out of bounds as a result, or if the blocking player becomes Out of Play.


    * No elbows
    * No blocking center of back
    * No forearms or hands
    * No lower leg
    * And absolutely no tripping
  • Skating backwards is relevant to complete a half or whole spin whip, or a waitress whip. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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