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Fun Drills

Chariot Race

Group Size: ​​4
Skill Level: Intermediate​

Improves: Pushes, Endurance, Form, Squatting/Getting Low​​

Equipment: ​Whistle
Duration: 1 or multiple laps​

Form two straight lines of four people at a starting position on the track. The front three people will squat down in good derby form and hold that form for an entire lap. On the whistle, the last person will push the three people that have squat down for one lap around the track, racing the other line back to the starting position. Everyone must must stay in bounds.

Variations:  Go around the track for a second or third lap. Reverse the direction around the track.

Pushcarts Races

Group Size: Partners
Skill Level: All
Improves: Speed, Pushes, Crossovers, Communication/Teamwork, Form, Squatting/Getting Low
Equipment: Whistle
Duration: 10 minutes

One person will squat down in good derby form while the other person pushes them like a cart. Line up 3 to 5 pairs on the track at one time. On the whistle have them skate a 10-lap race. At the 5 lap mark, the pairs have to swap positions.

Jammer Endurance Races

Group Size: Small Group (3-4)
Skill Level: All
Improves: Speed, Endurance, Jamming, Strategy
Equipment: Timer
Duration: 5-10 minutes

Set up short and long distance races, one or two 5-lap races with everyone on the track. Time each person, they must maintain or go faster with each race. Everyone needs to correctly pass or get passed without cutting track or falling.

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