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Safety First
MADE rules were designed with safety as the top priority. We are proud of our safety record and to help uphold this standard we offer a full video library of training tips for your review.

League Divisions
Leagues may compete in one, or all, of the divisions offered -- female, male, or co-ed.
Skater and League Classes. Skaters are individually ranked based on number of MADE games played and skating skills. Results are constantly updated online:

​            Class I (Advanced)        Class II (Intermediate)        Class III  (Rookie)

Membership Types
League, Team, State, and Individual Memberships are offered.
Individual memberships are $5 per year. MADE minimum skills testing required prior to game play.  You may complete skills test at State Representative's facility, from a Certified Tester or by submitting a video test.

MADE makes it simple. Use your own personal health insurance.

Referee Certification Program
MADE's Referee Swap Program promotes impartiality. The Referee Certification and Mentorship Program will make sure your refs are properly trained.

Membership Types

MADE is unique in that it offers a variety of membership types. From full-fledged member leagues, to individual guest memberships or state teams, MADE has something to offer every skater.

Individual Membership
All MADE skaters are required to have an Individual Membership. Processing fee includes MADE patch, sticker, registration of skater name in Unique Name Registry.

1. Submit processing fee of $6  (this does not guarantee acceptance into the Endeavor). Pay form located to the right (if viewing on phone scroll to bottom for "Add to Cart").

2. After submitting fee, complete this online application. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP -- you will not be placed in queue until you do. 

3. Once form is completed, your name will automatically be entered into the ​International Name Registry​. Be careful not to make errors as whatever you type is electronically transmitted to the Registry and placed on your membership card.

Once step #1 and #2 have been completed, and your skater name has been approved, you will be mailed your membership card, patch and sticker -- typically within two weeks.


* If you're attached to a MADE league you will test through them. If you are an independent skater, you can either submit a video skills test; or complete an in-person testing at your State Representative's facility, or special event.

League/Team/State Memberships

Notice: MADE "League/Team/State" members must commit to video documenting their MADE game play (along with submitting stat log) in order to participate in ranking system.

1. Complete application

2. Upon receipt of your online application, you will be notified with further instructions, league classification, and mentor league assignment.

You will also be contacted by your nearest State or Regional Representative, who will provide you with all the necessary training tools to get your team competition worthy in no time.

3. Upon acceptance, you will be sent instructions on completing the necessary skills tests and other procedures.

Referee/NSO Membership


1. Complete application

2. Upon receipt of your online application, you will be notified within 5 business days with further instructions and pass codes.

What they're saying:

"M.A.D.E. is action! By taking a modern interpretation of the original rules for Roller Derby, M.A.D.E. has created a very fun to play, fun to watch, and yes, even fun to officiate game! With no stopping on the track, the game is skated at a very fast pace. Other distinctions of a M.A.D.E. game; the Pivot can "pivot" into the active jammer position without having to pass the cover, the lead jammer status is determined by the Active Jammer who is physically in front and will/can change many times during a jam, and skaters sit in the box for every penalty, with a limit of five minutes in the box before they are removed from the game! All these differences just add to the tension and excitement of the games, making for some fast action Roller Derby!" -- Ref Tacular, Dead Girl Derby (Kansas City, MO)

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS: Please check list before inquirying about status. The information you provide goes directly to this list. If you make an error, or your name is not on list, then submit re-submit application by clicking link again in Step #2 on the left.

2010 - present

2010 - present