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"Pack" is defined as being composed of three members of one team and two members of the opposing team skating together, within 20 feet of each other.


"Railroading" (sometimes called Ramming) is defined as illegal contact to an opposing skater’s back at an unreasonable speed, whether intentional or not.


"Out of Bounds" is defined as when any part of a player's skate crosses over either of the track's boundary lines.


"Illegal Contact" is defined as any contact made while out of bounds, before or after jam whistle, and against, or with, any illegal body part.


"Excessive Force" is defined as any contact made with an opposing skater at an excessive speed (i.e. railroading or gaining momentum while out of bounds to re-enter the track and block an opposing skater) or an intentional block to a downed or injured opponent.



  • COMMON MISTAKE: Remember, if you have to go to the back of the pack as a Jammer, the "pack" is defined as three members from one team, and two from the other. You do not have to wait for every person on the track to pass you.
    Also, "goating" one player does not exist in MADE; trapping two players is necessary to destroy a pack.
  • STAY IN CONTROL! Because of the fast-paced nature of a MADE game, it is your responsibilty to monitor your speed as a Jammer. Don't get caught running into the back of an opposing player, or what we refer to as "Railroading," or "Ramming."

2010 - present

2010 - present

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