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Penalties are to be served as they are called by the Officials, and only while jam clock is running. Offending skaters go directly to the penalty box in the center of the track to serve their time. Penalties begin to be served when, and only when, the skater is seated in the box. The skater must return to the track from in front of the penalty box only. Skaters must enter at the rear of the Pack and yield to passing referees. The "Rear of the Pack" is from the last person in the Pack extending to the end of the rear Blocking Zone. Only two skaters from each team may be in the box at once. Should a third (or more) player from a team commit a penalty, they will continue play until a seat frees up in the box.


Should the Jammer’s penalty time carry over to the next jam, the offending team starts with a substitute Jammer, but skates short, until the penalized Jammer finishes serving their time and returns to play as a Blocker. 


Should a team have more than five players on the track at the start of the Jam, fail to line up Pivot or Jammer, or more than one player wearing a Jammer or Pivot helmet cover, they will be issued a Team Penalty. At instant of team infraction, the Head Ref will signal the end of the Jam and the team must choose one player from the track to immediately serve the penalty. The teams will then line back up and the Head Ref will restart the jam.


Penalties will be signaled by any ref using two short whistle blasts. Penalties may be awarded between jams. Warnings may be issued at the ref's discretion.


Minor Penalties (1 minute)

False start

Cutting Track

Out of Play

Illegal Contact or Maneuver

Insubordination: Failure to comply, return to the bench, or unauthorized contact with officials (must be a Captain, Manager or Coach)



Major Penalties (2 minutes)

Excessive Force

Team Penalty


Automatic Ejection
Abusive language or behavior to opponents, officials or audience. Exceeding 5 minutes of accrued penalties. Should a player commit a sixth penalty and be ejected from the game, the respective team must choose a substitute player to sit their final penalty.


  • M.A.D.E.'s easy penalty system allows the statisicians to track items such as blocks, assists, and Jammer & Pivot points for individual skater rankings.
  • Since MADE skaters are pulled for every infraction and give up "ghost" points to the opposing team, committing penalties is highly destructive to a team's game play. Clean play is the essence of a winning MADE team.  It is not uncommon to see less than three people in the box the entire game. So keep those hands and forearms to yourself.
  • You will never see a runaway score in MADE, so be on your toes at all times. Hence, we never start a jam without a Jammer. Instead, that team simply skates short one blocker.
  • In MADE you either commit a penalty, or you don't. The refs are not burdened with deciphering the intent of an action. This system is appreciated by the Refs and Statisticians. It also adds to the flow of the game.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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