Frequently Asked Roller Derby Rules Questions

Disclaimer: It's not just a slogan! Wash away your old way of thinking before playing a MADE game, and reap the benefits of this action-packed, adrenaline-fueled derby endeavor.

1. Why are Jams only 90 seconds long?
MADE is a much faster paced game, so our skaters appreciate that 90 seconds of play. 

2. Slaughter option? This seems unfair to the crowd who already paid. Do you get complaints?
The option is there, but in over five years, and hundreds of games, the slaughter option has never been invoked. Our games are usually no more than 10-point spreads; more than 30 points is considered a blowout.

3. Pivot can break? Does this mean if the Jammer is stuck behind the pack, the pivot can just start jamming? I love the idea, but just don't get it yet.

Just like the days of yore, and the name implies, our Pivots can indeed "pivot" into the scoring position. But no, they just can't break whenever they fancy. The Pivot can break once the opposing Jammer has a toe in front of them, ie, obtained Active Jammer Status. Some teams love to use the strategy of putting their fastest players in the Pivot position, so stay on your toes.

4. Lead jammer changes-my favorite part, like in banked track.
Yep, the way is was designed to be played. For experienced MADE players, this is a MUST have.  It is not uncommon for the trailing Jammer to sweep in and call off the Jam.

5. So are there no minors, basically? A skaters serves one minute for all penalties, instead of counting up 4?
Yes, this is a GREAT THING. No more confusing penalty tracking, NSOs are available to do other, more important things. Reffing MADE easy. Skaters know they actually committed a penalty immediately, and what it was for. However, there are a couple two-minute penalities. Please refer to the Penalty Section.

6. Since after five penalties, you're gone, do many skaters foul out?
NO, I have never seen anyone "foul out". This is where you need to "wash away your old way of thinking." You typically don't see more than six penalties committed the whole game. Since you aren't judged on intent (if you commit a penalty, you sit) players train themselves to develop good blocking habits. And since the game is fast, in motion blocking typically leads to less illegal contact. 

7. When a skater is hit out of bounds, she has to return behind the pack, not the skater that hit her right? So if the front skater hits her out, she has to wait until the whole pack passes?
No. Only the Jammer has to go to the back, and that is only on her/his first trip through the pack (and the pack is defined as two from one team and three from the other). Otherwise you just come in behind whoever knocked you out, which is not hard, cause our pack is moving fast.

8. Since you have to skate forward and you can't stop, which is AWESOME, can skaters skate very slowly? Have you found that that ever happens?

NO. We are continuously moving fast because:
1) your Pivot wants to stay out front so they can break.
2) whoever is in the lead is Lead Jammer.
Slow MADE games are practically non existent.
The ONLY time skaters typically slow down is to trap someone in a Drag Block on the outside; and then they hussle like hell to catch up to the pack so they don't fall 20 feet behind.

9. Do you foresee any rule changes in the immediate future?
These rules have been played with little or no change for some time. However, it was recently discussed making the section pertaining to the penalty box shorter, since most MADE leagues keep their Penalty Box in the center of the track (*modified 7/11).  They do this because there are less NSOs in the center, and because a typical MADE penalty box consists of 2-4 chairs.

10. Is stopping or pulling up on the track illegal?

No. Not in itself.

Refer to Rule: "You can not come to a complete stop to execute a block nor to detain an out of bounds skater from returning into the pack, forward motion should be maintained at all times to be in play."

The player would simply not be in play, and if they made contact would be issued a penalty for Illegal Contact. Also, if they fell past the 20-foot mark and blocked anyone they would get a 20-foot infraction. Reason: Would eliminate juking, and stopping short to switch directions, both dynamic parts of a MADE game.

What they're saying about the Rules:

Taken from anonymous 2009 Member Surveys:

  • "What can I say, they make sense."
  • "The way a game just comes together is something spectacular."
  • "Never any down time, fans are on the edge of their seats the whole game."
  • "Don't change a thing!"
  • "I get such a high from this ruleset, I want to spread the love I feel to everyone!"
  • "MADE is balls to the wall derby."
  • "Where fast derby lives on."

2010 - present

2010 - present