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Scoring Points

Active Jammers score points for each opposing player they lap in bounds after their first trip through the Pack -- one point per skater, per pass through the pack. Active Jammers must be wearing a helmet cover to score points.
Opposing players do not have to be in bounds to yield points, including skaters on route to penalty box, or returning to the Pack. Points are also scored for each opposing player passed in the penalty box as soon as the opposing Active Jammer scores their first point.
Active Jammers are also awarded a point for lapping the opposing Active, or non-active, Jammer.
Points are also awarded if the opposing team fails to field the correct amount of skaters at the start of the jam. Upon start whistle a point for each missing player will be awarded to the opposing team.


  • If a Jammer passes an opposing player out of bounds, there are several things they can do to repass that player legally, including; plow stop (don't come to complete stop) to let them pass, double body whip around their own player to double back and repass, or step off the track and slow down to repass.
  • If you drop your helmet cover, keep going!
    Your nearest outside ref knows to grab it and hand it to you as you pass.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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