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Holly Screwya Pace Line

​​​Group Size: Everyone

Skill Level: All Improves: Footwork, Crossovers, Cutting, Jumping, Pace, Control and Slowing down Equipment: Whistle Duration: 10 minutes

Everyone starts in a pace line in the center of the track at a moderate pace. Each person in line counts off as a number. On the whistle, the odd numbered people will lateral (cut) to the inside line of the track while the even numbered people will lateral (cut) to the outside line of the track at the same time then everyone laterals back to the center and reforms the pace line. Switch odd and even people to outside line and inside line respectively.

Variation: For the lateral movement substitute crossovers, jumping or hoping. Add cones at the edges of the track, people that don't control speed/movement and knock down a cone, get a penalty (push-ups, etc) for each cone they knock over.

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