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Double Back Moving Snake

Group Size: Everyone

Skill Level: All Improves: ​Speed, Endurance, Body whips, Pace, Communication/Teamwork, Control and Slowing Down​ Equipment: None Duration: 10-20 minutes

Everyone starts in a moderate to fast pace line. The last person in line body whips off the person in front of them and then proceeds in a full circle around the same person, grabbing onto them as they pass by for the second whip (you might have to semi-plow to accomplish this). (Tip: when you do the second body whip make sure you are going in the same direction, do NOT switch directions mid way).

**The person who got body whipped off of should be hustling ass to be ready for the second whip.**

When the active skater moves on to the second person, have them revolve the opposite direction on that person -- hence the moving snake. And then the reverse way on the third, and so forth.

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