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Roller Derby takes a lot of practice, skill and determination. Each person competing here today has devoted countless hours of practice to honing their skills on the track. From hundreds of suicide falls to thousands of endurance laps, these athletes put their heart, soul and (ouch!) bums into becoming mean, lean, roller derby machines.


The games you will see today lump the skaters together by time committed and current skill level.


Here’s a quick guide:


Rookie (Class 3) - An inexperienced person; a novice, or first-year player.


These players have less than six months on their skates.  Many of them have just passed the necessary tests to play. You’ll see a lot of falls, but just as much heart. For almost all of them, this is their first game. Please congratulate them on a job well done. Make us proud rookies!


Intermediate (Class 2) - One that is in a middle position or state.

These skaters have between six months to a year's experience. They might have  played in a game or two. They are on their way to becoming advanced. You’ll see  quicker skating, more blocks and some fancy footwork.


Advanced (Class 1) - Ahead or further along in progress

One to two years experience, if these skaters stick with it, you might just see them in the All-Star game next year. The Advanced Game is used as tryout for the All-Star game, and a waiting list for next year’s eligible All-Stars.


All-Star (Class 1) - One chosen for a team of star players.

These ladies, and many of the gents, have been skating and training for years. MADE boasts some of the greatest skater’s in the world. Their game will be fast-paced, and explosive. You will see hard hits, evasive moves, incredible footwork, powerful whips (including leg and spin whips), and lots of all-out derby mayhem. We hope to entertain and awe, and that you’ll leave craving more.



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