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Frequently Asked Questions


History of the Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor

MADE started in 2007 with only a few forlorn leagues who realized the current status quo did not fit their league's needs.  Whether because of close proximity to current WFTDA leagues,  a co-ed or LLC status, the desire to evolve to banked track, or the simple wish to play a more streamlined ruleset, these leagues had no place to call home, or a structured ranking system to showcase their talents. They bonded together and started holding tournaments, clinics, and scrimmage-athons; and what started as an underground network of skaters, has now evolved into dozens of affiliated leagues, and hundreds of skaters worldwide.


Why doesn't MADE require USARS or mandate insurance?

MADE is all about freedom and simplicity. Under current individual state laws, it is against the law for organizations to require their members to have specific insurance. Leagues, however, are required to have their members show proof of insurance. 


That being said -- we allow our members to shop around and choose their own liability carriers. Furthermore, with the already high cost of playing the sport, we do not feel comfortable requiring skaters to hold insurance with a high deductible, and limited coverage, when there are better insurance products available to the general public.

Individual members are required to have their own medical insurance to compete. But if they loose their current coverage, or wish to obtain private supplementary accident insurance, they may call our free insurance hotline at 877-302-3800, and a representative will show them how.

If I get MADE, how will my interests be represented in the Endeavor?

Each member league is allowed two representatives from the start who speak and vote for their league.  Each year you are a MADE member your voting shares increase.  There is also one elected State Representative League that votes on issues pertaining to state-wide matters.  Individual and dual memberships do not have voting rights.


Can my league or I skate in more than one association?

In theory, yes. Depending on your current league's feelings on the matter,  MADE does offer individual and state memberships. However, most skaters compete for rankings and find that they have a full season of M.A.D.E.-sanctioned games. Dual member leagues to not retain organizational voting rights. Warning: MADE is highly contagious!




What if I want to start a new league under MADE?

Great! We provide new members with all the tools they need to succeed, and can even connect you with a rink in your area to get you started. We advise attending clinics with your State Representative, or in a neighboring state, to get you competition-worthy in no time. Make sure to apply for M.A.D.E.'s six-month Training Wheels Program. 

What are the Advantages of MADE?

  • Instant access to State, Regional and National Championships.
  • Detailed Individual and Skater Rankings based on point system for Pivots, Blockers and Jammers with year-end awards.
  • Streamlined ruleset packed full of strategy.
  • Easy reffing system.
  • Individual and league memberships available.
  • No costly USARS charter.
  • Men, women and co-ed divisions.
  • Class divisions for rookie, intermediate and advanced skaters.


What is your policy regarding transgendered athletes?

M.A.D.E. Releases Transgender Policy - July 21, 2011
The Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor recognizes and welcomes transgendered athletes in our leagues/teams that are single-sex focused. If an athlete self-identifies as a specific gender, and wishes to play on a team of that gender, they are permitted to do so per this policy. MADE does not consider if the transgender athlete has or has not gone through gender reassignment surgery when determining eligibility to participate, and does not require the athlete provide specific proof of gender.


How are co-ed games structured?

M.A.D.E. Co-Ed Game Structure - Oct. 25, 2007
- Teams may not play more than two (2) male members per jam during co-ed play.
- Teams will not play a male Pivot/Jammer combo in any co-ed jam.
* Individual teams may modify sanctioned structure in private mutual contract prior to game day.

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