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"There are no slow packs, we sprint on the whistle. Get ready to be MADE! We keep it simple and the fans come to watch, scream and cheer for their favorite team or skater."  - Jacob Splatter, Chesapeake Roller Derby

Our Story

Keep your fans on the edge of their seats!


"MADE is definitely not for the weak. But it is easy to learn and fun right from the start, no matter what your skill level." -- Member Survey (2009)

​MADE started in 2007 with only a few forlorn leagues who realized the current status quo did not fit their league's needs.

Whether because of close proximity to current WFTDA leagues or a co-ed status, the desire to evolve to banked track, or the simple wish to play a more streamlined ruleset, these leagues had no place to call home, or a structured ranking system to showcase their talents.

They bonded together and started holding tournaments, clinics, and scrimmage-athons; and what started as an underground network of skaters, has now evolved into dozens of affiliated leagues, and hundreds of skaters worldwide.

Our Mission
The mission of MADE is to serve as a modern implement of roller derby; to protect and promote our athletes while providing our spectators with an organized and entertaining experience.

From its inception in the 1930s, roller derby has been a progressive sport; a sport for both men and women, of athletic prowess or amateur hobbyist, of athletes and fans.

For our Fans:
We will strive for honest competition with clear and concise rules as to allow our fans to easily follow our competitions and become enamored by our beloved sport.

Our events will be catered to our spectators, be those young, old, families, first-time attendees or long-time fans.

For our Skaters:
MADE will be an evolution of roller derby acting as a conglomeration of leagues, allowing us to hear every skaters voice by use of state and league representatives instead of a board of elected leaders.

We will focus our utmost energy on cultivating our skaters and preparing them for competition to the best of our abilities.

We will have clear rules and fair refereeing to allow honest competition.

MADE opens its admission to all leagues; coed, men's and women's, flat track, banked track, startups or established, asking only for their efforts in our mission.

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