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The Rules

Game Parameters
Scoring Points
Roller Derby Rules
Player Positions

Jammer, Blocker, Pivots
and what they do.

Size of track, time of play and more.

Blocks and Maneuvers

What's legal and what's

MADE rules are tried, tested and proven. They are based on the original standardized ruleset and merge the best aspects from various rulesets. They have been played in this form for more than seven years.

They are designed to keep the game flowing, scores close, and are easy for skaters, refs and fans to understand. They are also fun and challenging to play.

They are slightly more than four pages long. Enjoy!

Roller Derby Rules
Roller Derby Rules

"I get such a high from this ruleset, I want to spread the love I feel to everyone!"--Member Survey (2009)

You you
win the game.

Roller Derby Rules
Roller Derby Rules

Easy reference section.

Roller Derby Rules

A few extras.

Required gear, cutting
the track, Banked Track
Addendum and the

20-foot rule.

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