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Player Positions

The Pivot wears the striped helmet panty and must position themselves on the start line. The Pivot may break from the Pack to become their team's Active Jammer after the opposing Jammer has become active.


If both Jammer and Pivot from the same team attempt to take off as active, the first one to reach 20' beyond the pack will be considered active. They may choose to fall back within 20' of the Pack and allow the other to take off, but they must be within 20' of the Pack for this switch to happen.


Should the Active Jammer leave the track due to a penalty or equipment problem, or fall and be within 20' of the Pack, the corresponding Jammer or Pivot may become Active Jammer as long as their team has not yet scored on that jam. Hence, this is the only situation in which two Pivots may be Active Jammers.


If a Pivot breaks before the opposing Jammer is active, or if a Pivot is beyond the Blocking Zone at the time the opposing Jammer passes them, they will be signaled to drop back to within 20' of the Pack before they can continue on as Active Jammer.


Blockers play offense and defense simultaneously assisting their Jammer through the Pack while preventing the opposing Jammer from getting through. Blockers line up with or behind the Pivots.


The Jammer wears the star helmet panty and must line up behind all Blockers, but no further back than 20' of the start line.  Should a Blocker and Jammer overlap their position, and the Jammer and Blocker are within 20' of the start line, the Blocker will be asked to slide their offending skate forward.


In order to become Active Jammer, the Jammer must pass the foremost skater in the Blocking Zone, excluding opposing Jammers. During this initial pass only, any Jammer who goes out of bounds for any reason must re-enter play behind the Pack. Once your team has established an Active Jammer, this rule no longer applies, nor does it apply to Pivots. Once active, Jammers are eligible to score points.


Lead Jammer is whichever Jammer is physically in the lead once they have become active. Lead Jammer status can change throughout a jam, and continues to be whichever Active Jammer, or Pivot as Active Jammer, is in front and in bounds.


Only the Lead Jammer can call off the jam. The jam is called off by placing their hands on their hips repeatedly.  The Lead Jammer cannot call off the Jam while they are Out of Play.


Should both Jammers be sent to the penalty box before becoming active, and therefore neither Pivot is activated, the Head Ref will signal the end of that jam. 


  • In our version (as in the original ruleset), the Pivot is not just another Blocker, but an intregal part of the strategy of our game. Not only are they some of the fastest players on the team, but now the pack must not only guard their Jammers, but their Pivots, as well -- adding a whole new dimension to the game. With Pivots as possible point scorers the game is fast-paced and dynamic. We feel that if Pivots were just meant to be ordinary Blockers, why would they wear helmet covers at all? Also, as intended, the name Pivot implies that they can "pivot" into the Jammer position.
  • We feel that as in most banked track rulesets, it is much more competitive to have the Lead Jammer be whichever Jammer is physically in the lead. Should the Lead Jammer fall or be pushed out of bounds, they must get back on their feet and come in bounds to call off the jam. MADE jammers do alot of speed and footwork training.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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