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Backwards Moving Snake/Hip Check

Category: Pace Line

Group Size: Everyone Skill Level: All

Improves: Blocking, Control and Slowing Down, Timing

Duration: 10-20 minutes

Form a straight pace line. Have the person at the front of the line peel off to the outside of the line and slow slightly using a plow maneuver. As they are slowing have them hip check the person behind them, and then pass through the line to the inside. The person being hip checked should make sure to stay in a straight line, or get back quickly to the space they just left.

Have the designated person weave in between each member, hip checking one person at a time, on the inside or outside, until they have reached the back of the line. Then the next person at the front does the same drill. Have each person go through the line twice or until 20 minutes are up.

Variations: Can substitute hip checks for hip whip, shoulder block, touch and block, or any other comparable skill.

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